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Been following this thread. http://www.rpg.net/columns/brave/brave81.phtml

First I thought “that can’t be possible” – that is, a 1st level hill dwarf bounty hunter dragon blood sorcerer necromancer. Sounds ridiculous, no, but after scurrying back to the rules this is totally legit with the current playtest.

Trying to figure out what bugs me about this – singly I have nothing wrong with necromancers, or sorcerers, or dwarf bounty hunters. But altogether it seems like it’s too much – I can’t imagine how you’d roleplay something like this, or what it would even look like.

Bending more to traditionalist/hardcore myself, I was unimpressed with the sorcerer and warlock additions – they’ve always seemed, to me, even since their first introductions in 3rd edition, to be extraneous to the system. I’m sure, since they’ve both been in use for some time, that they have their own group of adherents, but I already miss the whitebox feel the first round of playtest rules had.



To me it’s pretty simple – there are some combos above that shouldn’t be allowed. Sorcerer and necromancer are conflicting ideas, I can see there being magic that is sorcerous, and magic that is necromantic, and even the occasional rare being who can somehow do both, but this shouldn’t be an option for a new adventurer.

Same with Hill dwarf and dragon blood. To me those with dragon blood should be their own strain of crazy race, and hill dwarfs their own strain, the two should normally never cross.  


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ImageIn case you don’t remember Black Isle was a Division of interplay that focused on role playing games (Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian fame was a founder)- they had a great streak:

Planescape: Torment,
Icewind Dale series
Baldur’s Gate series

Until Interplay closed the doors in 2003.

The studio’s website (registered to Interplay) is now taking subscribers.

What they are up too (besides RPGs) is a mystery, although it seems Obsidian folks aren’t involved in any way, and Interplay CEO and entrepreneur Herve Caen is behind the resurrection. Since much of the original talent has moved along since 2003, it will be interesting seeing what Herve and Interplay are up to.


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