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Here is the equipment list for searching for the Ogopogo my daughter brainstormed the other night.

  • -Arrows
    -Guns (BB guns), (these 2 for protection, not to injure but to scare away bad guys)
    -Vitamins (the tasty, chewy kind)
    -Drinking cup + water bottle
    -Notebook (for writing, journaling what we find)
    -Night light – ‘cause can’t sleep without it
    -Flashlights (several, for some reason or other)
    -Brushes and shovels for digging up bones
    -Cooper (her older brother, but agreed to take him only after some prompting)
    -Life Jackets
    -First Aid Kit
    -leopard skin backpack because, well, yeah
  • Intrepid Explorer's Pack

    Intrepid Explorer’s Pack – hopefully Ogopogo won’t be jealous that Nessie is the favored travel companion


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