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Been a little busy with NaGADeMon but was finally able to catch up on Zub’s chronicles –  in this issue Valeros and his companions drag one captured cultist around while tracking the rest, encountering ghouls as they go.

I’ve been an advocate for this comic so far – however, the story momentum seems to be slowing down, and they need to fill it with more than just random encounters. As much I enjoy a good wandering monster, ones that aren’t seemingly tied to the story are a bit of a drag.

That said, there are some nice character moments with Merisiel (although diehard Pathfinder fans probably already know all about her background) and the DM inside of you fills with joy when you see that the book comes with an entire scenario. The Pauper’s Grave cemetery that the characters encounter  has an in depth history write up, boss, detached map and a fully fleshed out scenario.

Quiet Character moments with Merisiel

Summary – story is beginning to drag, but the DM supplements almost make up for it.

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Ghul on the move

Ghul on the move.

In history and myth Ghuls(or ghouls) differ. They can be Arabian desert monsters or recently raised undead. They can be half human/half animal, or blood-suckers.In ancient Arabian folklore, the ghul (literally demon in arabic) dwells in burial grounds and is a devilish jinn sired by Iblis. It is desert-dwelling, shape shifting demon that can assume the guise of an animal (commonly an hyena) luring unwary travelers into the desert wastes to slay and devour them.

For NIMBLE, ghuls are the result of humans driven to the brink of starvation and swayed by the shadow of the necromancer. They start weak, zombie-like, but cannibalism makes them faster, stronger, smarter and grants them abilities over time.


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